In the past, condos were a lot easier to sell because of their low maintenance cost and affordable prices. People actually preferred condos over family homes because of these factors. Now, condos have become harder to sell due to the tough and competitive real estate market. When there is depression in the market prices, you will find that many condos won’t sell fast. If you are not in a hurry to sell the home, you can choose to wait until the real estate market gains some strength. If you want to make an immediate sale in a slow community or neighbourhood you can make everything about the condo attractive and competitive.

Here are some few tips to help you sell the condo

One thing that will keep your condo in the market for a while is the competitive pricing. When some offers are better than yours it’s hard to get it off the market. The first thing you should do us check out the prices for the condos on sale in your neighbourhood. Doing this will help you understand the price ranges you are competing with and create an appropriate price. Compare condos of the same size, location, structure and condition making sure you look at the asking prices and listings.

If your condos price is higher, you can choose to lower it slightly  to make it more competitive. By doing this, you will make the condo more desirable for buyers and real estate agents. Always be prepared for a negotiation between you and the buyers. This means you should set the price that you can lower and not sell the condo at a loss. Be prepared to make less profit than you wanted to.

Marketing is another important thing when it comes to selling your condo. This is how you get the buyers and real estate agents to know about your listing. When marketing, ensure you list and promote all the amenities in your condo. Ensure you have online photos of the swimming pool, playgrounds, animal parks, fitness center, small parks or any social center. Get a good photographer to provide you with clear pictures that will make the condo desirable.

Get a real estate agent to advertise your property in all the right places. Experienced real estate agents have connections in all the right places. They should be able to list your condo in popular websites, market it on their online profiled and find buyers through their agencies. Online publications, posters and word of mouth will be very helpful when it comes to selling the condo.

An open house will help you sell your condo fast. Your real estate agent should help you prepare and present the condo during the open house. Ensure the home is clean and the structure is flawless if you want to get multiple buying offers. You can also change the furnishing of the home to make it more modern and attractive. Maximise this opportunity by getting both online and one on one open houses.

Finally, ensure you are involved in the sale in every way you can. Listen to the need of the buyer and offer some closing help. Pay your association and insurance fee to make the buyer feel more secure.