There are many benefits to owning a condo; one of the most common advantages the maintenance is cheap, you won’t have to hire a house help to keep it neat and clean.  Sometimes hiring some help can be difficult, especially if you are super busy and do not want to leave the condo or your valuables to a stranger. You can choose to maintain the home by yourself.

Here is a list of things that will help you keep the condo desirable and clean

Don’t keep stuff you do not need, and schedule yearly de-clutter

The more useless things you keep in your condo, the more untidy it looks. This will also increase the number of times you will have to clean the house. Ensure you keep everything you need or love and give or throw away the rest. You can also buy some storage solutions like plastic boxes to keep some of your things clean and neat. Store all your things in box piles where you can easily reach them. Group them accordingly and don’t forget to put a label on the box to make everything easier.

Every year, make a date to review your things. If you do not need some things any more, ensure you clear them out to make more space.  Don’t buy too much storage; this may compel you to add more things to your home therefore increasing the clutter. Organising minimal things makes it easier to grab what you need and put it back once you are done.

Always clean after yourself

Some people schedule some weekly cleaning, but I would advice some minimal daily cleaning because it is less stressful and will require less energy. If you think about it, daily cleaning requires some minimal pickups here and there and removing some stains in the kitchen and washrooms before they become permanent stains.  Place all your cleaning supplies arranges in one room to make it easier.

Buy yourself some good cleaning products

As mentioned, getting the stains off before they become permanent is very important. Don’t just get some vinegar or bleach to clean the house, buy different products for different cleaning purposes. Ensure you get products that will leave your home disinfected, clean and sparkly. You can get the help of a professional to help you out in choosing some of these products.

Change the drapes and linens regularly

Dirty curtains and furniture covers will make your home look untidy while giving you a few skin infections. You can set a date where every two weeks you clean out all the covers and the curtains while vacuuming your furniture for trapped dust and particles. Move all the furniture to get the dirt underneath. Keep all the shelves clean by dusting them off every month. Don’t forget to clean the dust off the window panes.

Keep your kitchen fresh

Cleaning the fridge and pantry will not only make your kitchen clean and fresh, but you will save a lot in the long run. When you know what’s in the fridge you won’t have to buy in excess and eventually won’t have things expiring in your kitchen.